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High Velosity Hurricane Zone

The HVHZ, High Velosity Hurricane Zone, designates a geographic area incorporating all of Miami-Dade and Broward Counties and the Coastal Palm Beach County. These designated areas have the potential to have wind speeds of over 140 mph during most hurricane storms. This is why building codes for all types of projects in these areas are so tightly regulated to utilize our todays building technology and products to their maximium potential.

In South Florida, we are faced yearly with damaging high winds and torrential downpours. These storms have proven to cause not only the property owners, but also the insurance companies thousands and even millions of dollars annually to repair these costly damages. Miami-Dade county is known in the construction industry to have some the strictest of building codes. Construction companies in the United States and throughout the world are known to follow these Miami-Dade Codes and Standards.

At Roofing Experts, practices these high standards on all of our projects, any work in any county of Florida. So you know your getting the best products installed to the highest possible standards in the country. Others claim to due so, but most only complete work needed to the minimum local building codes to save on cost. We go above the standards, just ask your building inspector when we call for your final inspection of your roof!

To be prepared is where Roofing Experts can help you. We can inspect your roof within 24 hours! In most cases same day!

To learn more about HVHZ:

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